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Curriculum intent

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Students that study Art at Carlton le Willows will be provided with the essential art knowledge and skills to succeed and be prepared for life after school. Our intention, therefore, is to not only develop a love of art, photography, textiles and 3D design for its creativity, problem solving and critical thinking, but also to build the essential skills needed such as research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and critical judgement, encouraging self-expression, creativity and confidence, as well as a sense of individual identity. Our ambition is to create the very best artists, designers, photographers and free thinkers, who act and speak like those working in the creative industry.

Our Art & Design courses provide students with an opportunity to be creative, and make personal responses to subjects, themes and issues, using a wide range of materials and processes.

The staff in the department use a variety of creative approaches in order to engage students as they investigate, experiment, document and realise two and three dimensional work as practitioners and critics.

Above all, Art & Design offers another mode of communication, which enables our students to use their skills and creativity to express ideas and feelings, and to help to understand their own and other cultures.

Extra curricular activities

The Art, Photography & Textiles department also provides a number of extra-curricular activities for students. These include: Art, Photography & Textiles Club, GCSE after-school club, workshops including Easter sessions and various alternative curriculum days. We also offer a range of trips including an overseas trip to Barcelona every year for Year 12 Art and Photography students and London trips for GCSE students.


In Key Stage 3 students are taught in mixed ability groups. The following areas are covered by students as they progress through this key stage: Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Textiles, Ceramics and Critical Studies in relation to their practical work. The focus for their work is the manipulation of Line, Tone, Form, Colour and Shape.


At Key Stage 4 those students that have chosen Art, Photography, Textiles or 3D Design as an option receive three 50 minute lessons per week.

Students are able to opt for Art, Textiles, Photography or 3D design, giving them the option to take two or three Art & Design GCSEs.

We run the AQA Unendorsed, Textile and Photography syllabi that entails a two-year course covering a wide range of Art Appreciation, with emphasis on practical skills to encourage:

a) The skills of composition and visual expression

b) An understanding of a wide range of media including fine art, photography, textiles and computer graphics

c) An appreciation and understanding of the work of Artists and Craft Makers, groups and movements, past and present.


At A Level we offer students the chance to study Art, Photography, Textiles and 3D Design.