Students require a plain school bag that can be fastened securely and large enough to carry an A4 sized folder.

Outdoor Coats

Coats should be plain and have no large logos. Coats should be
removed as soon as students enter the Academy.
Hoodies are not permitted.


All students will need a pen, pencil, ruler and a rubber. A scientific calculator, such as CASIO fx-83GTX, a pair of compasses, a protractor and a dictionary would also be useful.

PE Kit

You must bring a full change of PE kit to every PE lesson, even if you have a note and are not taking part. If you do not have your PE kit, you must borrow some from the Academy. Failure to do so will mean you will receive a C5. If you do not bring your PE kit but still borrow from the Academy more than once in a half term, you will receive a C4 detention and every time you do not bring your kit thereafter.