Dress Code

This sixth form dress code will be reviewed annually by the pupil and personnel
committee of the governing body.
Date of last review: Summer 2023
Date of next review: Summer 2024


It is expected that all sixth formers will keep to this dress code and are asked to
speak to their tutor or the Head of Sixth Form if they require further clarification.

What to wear

All sixth formers are expected to dress in clothing suitable for a professional
working environment. For example, trousers, jeans (not ripped), smart track suit
bottoms, skirt or dress (of reasonable length), shirt, polo/T-shirt, sweatshirt,
cardigan or jumper (ensuring no midriff is on show); shoes, boots or smart trainers.
During the summer months knee-length shorts are permitted in hot weather if
notified in advance by the Head of Sixth Form, having regard to prevailing weather

Sixth formers must wear an ID badge whilst on campus. Sixth formers who do not
conform to the expectations set out in this dress code will be sent home to change
into more appropriate clothing.

Hair style and colour

Hairstyles can be very much up to interpretation in terms of how appropriate they
may be in a school setting. If you are unsure about the suitability of a hairstyle,
please consult with the Head of Sixth Form beforehand.


In formulating this policy, the school has considered its obligations under the
Equality Act 2010 and specific racial, cultural or religious dress needs will be
accommodated where necessary.


Students are not required to have expensive personal possessions at school.
Any student who brings such an item(s) into school does so at their own risk and
school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage