Religious Studies

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Curriculum intent

Our intention is for students to learn more about themselves, their community, society and the world. It is very much a thinking subject founded in a knowledge of people’s beliefs (religious and non-religious) regarding life, how to live and key issues in our society and world. It encourages philosophical thought, decision-making skills, collaboration and independent working skills and the search for compromise and conflict resolutions that work. Our intention is therefore to create opportunities for young people to develop their skills of dialogue, interpretation and analysis in a coherent context. Finally it is to provide an excellent opportunity for young people to engage with contemporary contentious issues, developing social, cultural, political, philosophical and historical awareness. 


At Key Stage 3 students will study the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City Agreed Syllabus as explained above.

Four religions will be studied: Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam.


At Key Stage 4 students can opt to take Religious Studies as one of their GCSE options.

We study the AQA Religious Studies syllabus. Content includes:

Christianity and Islam religious ethics:

  • Medical ethics – including the issues of abortion, euthanasia, suicide and other issues
  • Relationships – including views on marriage, services, divorce, civil partnerships and sex
  • War, peace and human rights – including the Just War Theory
  • Prejudice and equality – including racism, sexism and the issue of women priests
  • Crime and Punishment- including death penalty, corporate punishment, types of crimes and good and evil

Religious Philosophy:

  • Good and evil – how can there be a loving and all powerful God when there is evil?
  •  The end of life – beliefs about the afterlife funerals and mourning
  • Belief about deity – Trinity and 99 names of Allah, arguments about God & miracles
  • Religion and science – what are religious and scientific views on how the world started?


Students may decide to continue their Religion and Philosophy studies into Key Stage 5. We study Religious Studies using the OCR board syllabus.

Right of Withdrawal from Religious Studies

At Carlton le Willows Academy we wish to be an inclusive community but recognise that parents have the legal right to withdraw their children from Religious Education on the grounds of conscience. This would be following consultation with the Academy.