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Law Curriculum Intent 

The law department has the intent that all students finish A level experience with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system in criminal law, civil law, and human rights law, and to be able to be economically independent and have high aspirations for themselves. A Level Law has considerable content, and we create detailed resource packs for students and the use of real cases form an integral part of our study. The curriculum design is underpinned by the AQA A Level Law specification and is intended to introduce students to key areas of study: Criminal Law, Tort Law, Human rights Law and Concepts of Law. Schemes of work are detailed, with engaging resources, providing them the opportunity to enhance their own understanding of key areas of study through a range of teaching and learning strategies which are designed to prepare students for their studies in Higher Education. 

We aim to create opportunities for all learners, irrespective of their starting points, to make at least good progress in the subject of Law. There are a variety of difficult issues that must be considered such as: law and morality, fatal offences, defences and human rights. This requires us to include kindness, understanding and empathy within the lessons when discussing real life experiences of these situations. Appropriate measures are taken to always encourage the development and remembrance of respectful attitudes in lessons.