Attendance and Absence Reporting

FACT: If a school can improve attendance by 1% they will see a 5.6% improvement in attainment (DFES).

Why is good attendance important?

Reducing absence from school is a key priority for Carlton le Willows Academy. Missing significant periods of school is proven to have a detrimental effect on students’ attainment levels, disrupts school routines and can leave young poeple vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and youth crime. Above all, missing school seriously affects children’s long term life opportunities.

At Carlton le Willows we recognise that regular attendance at school is the most critical factor in ensuring academic attainment and progress. We have a clear expectation that students should attend 100% of the time.

Please ensure your child is punctual, arriving promptly for school at 8.25am.

We do understand that sometimes absences from school are unavoidable.

Reporting your child’s absence

Absence Line: 0115 9565008 ext 259

If your child is absent please either phone the absence line above, giving name, tutor group and the reason for the absence every day of your child’s absence, before 8.15am, giving an expected date of return to school. Or email these details to (For sixth formers please email )

If your child is absent and we have not heard anything from you, we will contact you by text message, telephone or home visit. In all cases, the Academy will determine whether to authorise an absence. It is also important to inform us of any personal issues or changes of circumstance that might affect your child’s attendance.

Medical/dental appointments

Medical or dental appointments, where possible, should be made out of school hours.

If an appointment can only be arranged during the school day, parents are asked to provide their child with a letter, which should be taken to Attendance. Your child will then be given an appointment permit to show their teacher when they need to leave class. Your child must sign out of school at attendance in south. Sixth formers may sign out/in via Sixth Form reception. We do not authorise a full days absence for a medical appointment except in exceptional circumstances.

Holiday Absences

Please be aware that holiday absence will not be authorised except in exceptional circumstances. A holiday during term time will count against your child’s attendance – 1 week off school is equal to over 26 hours of learning missed. If you still wish to apply for leave of absence for a family holiday, which would result in your child missing time from school, then an application form can be obtained from Student Support or Attendance.

Fixed penalty fines

The Academy operates a Fixed Penalty Fine Notice in respect of unauthorised school absences. Penalty Notices may be used in a range of circumstances where Unauthorised Absences occur, such as:

  • Unauthorised holiday absence during term time
  • Where a holiday is suspected by the school and parents/carers have failed to provide medical evidence to the contrary
  • Unnecessary parental condoned absence
  • Continued persistent absence without supporting medical evidence
  • Persistent late arrival at school (after the registers have closed)

In respect of unauthorised holidays in term time, a Fixed Penalty Notice will be requested if a student has missed a minimum of 7 sessions (3.5 school days) during the previous 6 school weeks. For other unauthorised absences a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued for absences of 7 sessions (3.5 school days) over a 6 week period. Please note the unauthorised absences do not have to run consecutively and can be on any day or session in a 6 week period.

The cost is £120 per child, reducing to £60 per child, per parent if paid within 21 days.

The Academy will not take such action lightly and will always strive to develop positive relationships with parents and carers to improve attendance without the need of enforcement action. Attendance is so important, however, that the Academy will seek enforcement from the Local Authority if we have not secured an improvement in a student’s attendance.

There is always a reason for poor attendance. Talk to your child about any issues they may have and inform the school so we can work together to help your child.

When attendance percentages are broken down into days and weeks, the true impact of poor attendance can truly be seen on a child’s education during an academic year.

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